Thursday, March 31, 2011

Runner Tracking Info

If the idea of watching people inflict pain and suffering upon themselves interests you, it's no longer necessary to travel to Boston on Patriots day to witness it. Via the miracle of modern technology you can now receive instant updates directly to your mobile device or via the internet.

Head over to the Athlete Alert Page and enter the runner bib number(s) for the runner(s) you would like track. You'll need to do this before 6am race day.

I'm bib #5461.

My RFOS teammate Brian Denger is #3903. I predict if you watch the race in person you should be able to see both of us within the same 10 minutes at any point. Just look for our avocado lime colored RFOS t-shirts.

Athlete Tracking offers four splits. Here they are along with my goals:
10K - 42:30
Half Marathon - 1:29:00
30K - 2:06:30
Finish - 2:59:59

If I'm slower than these goals you'll know something didn't go according to plan. If I'm much faster than these goals it's cause for concern! In reality, getting to my 30K goal shouldn't be a problem. It's just the last hour that's going to be tough. Yes, all this work is going to come down to being able to hang on to my pace for an hour.

Oh, the running is still going well. I met my March goal of running my first 300+ mile month with 323 miles and still took 4 days off. If that wasn't enough I also squeezed in 101 miles on the bike. Sunday's 20 miler went as planned and my mid week medium long run was a near effortless 13.1 in about 1:35. The next day I caught William's cold and am now taking an unplanned break of sorts with some easy miles as I feel like it. It's good timing. The "hay is in the barn" as they say and there's plenty of time to rest.


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