Monday, April 11, 2011

The boy likes to go fast

Boston may be in a week but we are already looking beyond. Next up on the calendar is a 5k that starts and ends about 4 blocks from our front door, the Healthy Melrose "5K" on April 30th. Last year William and I ran this together and finished 5th in a field of over 100. Considering the route is hilly and the course is inaccurate (long) we wont be racing for time. Rather, we hope to improve upon our placement from last year. This will be a tall order since you never know who will show up.

Later this spring we hope to run the Team Hoyt 5K in Waltham, MA. There our goal will be to be first across the line with a run chair as we start taking stabs at sub 19 together (So far we're down to 19:46/6:22 pace). I've already run with the Hoyt's in a race and it is inspiring. Really, there is no difference between William and I racing than when Dick and Rick race. It's just a father and son sharing the experience of competition. William is becoming accustom to the flow of 5Ks. In the race we talk strategy, keep track of splits, and he tracks our position and yells at me to go faster. I've been trying to convince him to run a half marathon with me but so far I've had no success. You see, he likes to go fast and thinks the half might just be too boring, so 5Ks it is.


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