Friday, April 8, 2011


Just as it seemed the winter would never end the daffodils are now blooming in our back yard. Two weeks ago I was feeling banged up and in need of that so called taper period. Now I'm feeling fresh and rested and enjoying the warm air. That said, I'm sure it will snow at least once next week.

Although it doesn't feel like it, the big race is looming. Because Boston requires logistics unlike most races I've begun getting everything in order. I'll be taking a club bus to Hopkinton that should afford me much more comfort and tranquility than the race organized school buses that dump runners out on a cold, damp field known as "athlete's village" to wait for a couple hours before the race starts. If you don't already agree marathons are crazy here's what's going in my bag:

  • Asics DS Racers
  • Feetures socks
  • Zensah calf compression sleeves (red)
  • North Face "Cardiac" running shorts
  • RFOS shirt
  • Race bib (5461)
  • Nike arm warmers
  • Old fleece hat and gloves that I can toss when no longer needed
  • Throw away cotton sweat pants an long sleeve T to wear before the start. (These are collected and donated.)
  • GPS w/ heart rate monitor
  • Pace band for 2:59:00
  • 6 GUs (Roctane - blueberry pomegranate)
  • Water bottle to run with so I can avoid water stops for the first few miles
  • Two bandaids
  • Body glide
  • Large garbage bag
  • Empty 32oz Gatorade bottle
  • And a change of clothes for when it's all over
What am I missing?


BadDawg said...

Cab fare. ;)

You are so ready to rock this run. If you can keep your effort comfortably hard, you're going to get a great result.

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